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Control / Inspection

Through our regular inspections and checks, we ensure a good feeling while you are away.

While you are not in Spain, we take care of your property. So that you can enjoy it carefree when you return.

We routinely air all the rooms during each visit. Regular airing ensures a pleasant indoor climate and prevents damp and mould growth. After all, mould is not only a health hazard, it can also reduce the value of your property.

During our inspections, we also check windows and doors for signs of break-ins, flush all sanitary facilities, empty the letterbox, check irrigation systems and check the property inside and out for any damage.

Whether once a month, weekly or daily – we check on your property as often as you wish.

Burglary check

Unfortunately, there are also burglaries on the Costa Blanca from time to time, especially in empty holiday properties.

During our inspections, we check windows and doors for possible signs of burglary.

If we notice anything conspicuous, we will contact you immediately and, if you wish, contact the police.
and, if you wish, we will contact the police. It is then also important to secure the property immediately and to contact the insurance company quickly. Of course, we can also help you with this if you wish.

Letterbox emptying

An overflowing letterbox not only looks unsightly, it also reliably reveals that the property is unoccupied.

We empty your letterbox regularly, sort out the mail and throw away the advertising.

Additional services by arrangement:

Severe weather check

There is also bad weather on the Costa Blanca. Sometimes even storms and very heavy rainfall.
Therefore, it is important to inspect the property after a storm, to determine possible damage and to inform the insurance company quickly in case of damage.

Craftsman service

We are happy to carry out small repairs with our own team by arrangement.

For more major work, we will put you in touch with our partner companies if necessary, provide a non-binding cost estimate and supervise the work on request.

Final cleaning

You had guests and your property needs to be cleaned after their departure? Or you didn’t feel like doing the final cleaning of your property after a relaxing holiday. We have cleaners who will do this for you quickly and carefully.

Airport transfer

You or your guests need transport from the airport or to the airport? No problem we are happy to help you.

Holiday service temporary

You live permanently on the Costa Blanca but want to travel and need someone to take care of your property, plants, etc. temporarily?

We are happy to help you.

High pressure facade & terrace cleaning

Whether it is the red Sahra sand, which often settles everywhere after rainfall, or normal stubborn dirt. In most cases, it is no longer easy to remove from floors and facades, especially if the dirt has “seized up” due to heat. It not only looks unsightly, but also reduces the value of the property.

We clean floors and facades with a professional high-pressure cleaner so that your property shines again in its former glory.

Individual service

We try to make our service offer as flexible as possible.

Therefore, we cannot list all possible offers here.

Please contact us and if it is possible, we will be happy to help you.

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